St. Clare’s Home is a maternity home for women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy with no place to go and seemingly no other options. It is open to women age 18 and up, and also will accommodate their already born children under the age of 5. Through our research, it is women in this age group who have the most need of assistance.

St. Clare’s provides pregnant women, who are in desperate situations, a real alternative to abortion by reaching out in love to both expectant mothers and their unborn children. Although our crisis pregnancy centers are doing great work, we have few safety nets in place for pregnant women who find themselves without a place to live.

The home’s comfortable and caring environment can support up to 8 women. It will help them bond with their babies while also offering an educational program and support system that will empower them in their journey to independent living.

While living at St. Clare’s, our residents will be offered life and parenting skills classes, and have the opportunity to further their education at either a high school or college level. At the conclusion of their stay at St. Clare’s Home, residents will be equipped with the skills needed to care for themselves and for their children. By fulfilling their physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs, we hope to decrease the women’s prenatal stress, allowing them to deliver healthy babies. Additionally, they will acquire the skills and confidence needed to adequately care for their children and manage households of their own.

St. Clare’s will have 24-hour care and supervision, a learning center with computer access, a full kitchen and dining room, an outdoor playground, a chapel and a large family room. St. Clare’s will be a place — a home — for women to get the hand up they need to support themselves and their child or children.

Women of all races, religions, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply for residence at St. Clare’s Home regardless of the city or state in which they currently live. An admissions board will review each application to determine entrance into the home.

If you are experiencing a crisis pregnancy situation, please contact us.